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Liquid Sunshine Tan “Getting to the Profits” - Facts about Mobile Spray/Air Brush & Salon Tanning
Spray/Airbrush Tanning is one business proposition that is very easy to justify from an investment standpoint. Most businesses take years to show a profit due to a number of factors but none play a bigger part than recouping your initial investment and overhead. The Spray/Airbrush Tanning business is quite different.

First of all, let me make one thing perfectly clear. Do not buy a franchise! There are several companies offering franchises for sale that can cost upwards of twenty thousand dollars. Not only is this unnecessary but totally ridiculous as far as cost is concerned. Never mind the initial franchise fee, the residual percentage of profits that must be surrendered can cost you more in the long run than your initial investment. You will also be locked into shared advertising expenses, monthly dues, and misc. franchise fees.   

At Liquid Sunshine Tan we are dedicated to your success. We provide you with everything you need to be successful. From top-notch training, products, and technical support to proven marketing strategies, Liquid Sunshine Tan has it all. Best of all, it’s included in the price of your division purchase of $3,995.00. 

When using the Liquid Sunshine Tan Spray/Airbrush Tanning System, we Certify/license you to use our name, logo, marketing materials, products, and strategies to start your business.  This saves you thousands of dollars in logo, signage design, publication layout, research & development.  It has all been professionally done for you.  All you need to do is start making money.  As long as you are using our system according to the guidelines recommended, you will remain licensed to use our name brand Liquid Sunshine Tan.  There is a divisional monthly fee of 43.75 a month or a $500.00 annual fee required to cover misc. divisional fees, IE: website, product research, annual trade shows,  and of course the Liquid Sunshine Tan Brand. 

Let’s take a look at some numbers based on a few assumptions. First of all, because of the small space you will need to perform the service we suggest contacting existing salons in your area and finding a space to rent within the salon just as many hairdressers do. You will need an enclosed room with great ventilation, so this might take a little hunting. Most salon owners will rent you the room for approximately $75.00 to $125.00 per week depending upon your area and do so gladly especially since it was not producing any revenue for them sitting there empty. Additionally, your businesses will compliment and be financially beneficial to one another. Why take on expensive long-term leases, deposits, signage costs, and other expenses if you don’t have to. This is by far one of the most economically feasible porthole into this profitable business. The other is Mobile Service.  It is simply the lowest overhead you can have in a spray tanning business.  As your business grows and you generate some cash reserves then finding your own place might be a consideration.  In addition, you can go mobile, which requires zero rent space, and low monthly overhead.  Your cost’ can be as minimal as - Car, gas, and auto insurance, and everything else is PROFITS.  CHA CHING!  Please Keep reading the next page for more details! 

Recouping Your Initial Investment 

Let’s assume you charge $40.00 per full body tan. This is a conservative figure, as many areas of the country charge between $50.00 and $75.00 per session. $2,995.00 divided by $40.00 equals 75 full body tans to recoup your investment. This can be accomplished in your first couple months of operation, and the rest is PROFIT!   

You have just paid for your division in a few months and haven't had to reorder any more supplies, only tanning product through Liquid Sunshine. Not many businesses can provide this kind of return on investment. 

Let’s not forget that we have not even taken into consideration the profits generated on the Liquid Sunshine Tan aftercare line, which can be substantial. For now, we’ll just consider that a bonus. Now let’s look at the “real world” numbers and a simple business plan.  

Monthly Operating Expenses: 
Rent on your salon space @ $100.00 per wk. (4.33 wks. per mo.) Mobile Not Required
Yearly insurance premium of $525.00 divided by 12 mos.
Annual Division Branding License (or $500 for 12 mo)
Printing expense - Flyers & Business Cards (monthly average)
Advertising expense (discretionary not necessary) Generic Website Page Provided
Electricity (Included in space rental) Mobile Not Required
Product cost @ $4.00 per full body tan (25 per wk. 4.33 wks. per mo.)
Total Monthly Expense Salon Spray Tan estimated scenario.  ONLY AN EXAMPLE
Total Monthly Expense Mobile Spray Tan estimated scenario.  ONLY AN EXAMPLE

Choosing the Right Airbrush Tanning Solution  
Which airbrush tanning solution is the best? Just like equipment, that depends on whom you ask. There are so many solutions available today, and each day that passes another surfaces, claiming to be the best. Buyer beware is the best advice I can give. There are literally dozens of solutions available that are marketed under different names that are actually the same product. They are being manufactured by one laboratory and private labeled for individual garage based businesses with an Internet presence that all wish to capitalize on the airbrush tanning boom. This is a great way for the solution manufacturer to sell more of its product, but unfortunately the airbrush-tanning artist looking for the best solution is often wasting money on the same product carrying a different label.
Cosmetic formulation costs big money and the majority of airbrush tanning companies do not own their own formulas. They are at the mercy of a private labeler to provide them with products they have no control over. They are simply promised it is the best, when in the majority of cases this is simply not true. I could get into a chemistry lesson here, but unfortunately the majority of people would not understand. The fact is that cosmetic formulators are like chefs and no two prepare the “dish “the same way. Even worse, sometimes the same chef doesn’t prepare the dish the same way resulting in the very worst problem; inconsistency.
Recently some of you already in the business have experienced this problem with your solutions. In talking with some of what are now Liquid Sunshine Tan customers, these problems occurred with varying product labels produced by the same manufacturer thus proving the point I made earlier. Liquid Sunshine Tan developed and owns its own spray/airbrush tanning formulas and has direct control over their manufacture and consistency. We produce our formulas in small batches ensuring consistency and the freshest products available. All of Liquid Sunshine Tan products are manufactured in fully insured labs backed by millions of dollars in product liability insurance. Why is this important? Because if you ever have a problem with a client that potentially files a lawsuit against you or your business you don't have to worry about losing everything provided the case is made.

The active tanning ingredient in all Liquid Sunshine Tan products, and the only FDA approved sunless tanning ingredient is Dihydroxyacetone, commonly referred to as DHA. DHA is the most expensive ingredient in all tanning formulas with the exception of Erythrulose, a subject that I will cover later. Many formulas utilize polymers and solvents to aid in skin penetration and reduce the need for higher DHA content thus reducing manufacturing cost. Many of these ingredients can be detrimental to your health whether inhaled or absorbed through the skin. There is a big problem with this approach. The solvents as well as DHA are approved for topical application only by the FDA but not for atomized inhalation. Many of these penetrating agents can be harmful and irritating when atomized by the airbrush and inhaled by the technician and the customer. 
Some states are already working on legislation that prohibits the atomized inhalation of any tanning solution without proper precautionary measures being taken to avoid doing so. It is inevitable that other states will follow suit and eventually the FDA and OSHA will be regulating the application of tanning products atomized by airbrushes or alternative sources. Liquid Sunshine we strongly suggest/recommend all spray tan techs to utilize a medical mask at all times when vapors are present.  Please advise children, pregnant, and allergic people to leave the area.
The worst tanning product that can be used by any consumer is an aerosol sunless tanner. The majority of aerosols are used in closed spaces with poor ventilation such as a bathroom. Most aerosol products are alcohol based solution propelled by isobutane. In addition to being extremely flammable, breathing these vapors can lead to headaches, dizziness, nausea, and a host of other problems. If you read the warnings it says explicitly to be used in a well-ventilated area. Yet millions of people on a daily basis ignore these warnings. What is even worse than the consumer not reading or being ignorant of warnings is the salon professional performing the spray on tanning service without proper ventilation and not in accordance with FDA regulations.  
The state of Oregon is already shutting down nail art business and revoking the licenses of any business failing to meet their ventilation requirements. Be prepared because this will eventually become an obstacle that will need to be overcome. The solution is to use formulations that contain no VOC's (Volatile Organic Compounds) such as alcohol or any other ingredients that can be harmful if inhaled or applied to certain parts of the body such as ethoxydiglycol. Ethoxydiglycol is recognized as having the ability to cause corneal damage when coming in contact with the eyes and is a known skin irritant. More importantly it can cause kidney damage from prolonged inhalation as well as dizziness, nausea, and gastrointestinal problems. Worse yet, it is an ingredient that is included in ninety-five percent of the available solutions on the market at concentrations between five and ten percent. You should avoid using any product that contains this ingredient.  
Liquid Sunshine Tan products are 100% organic, water and aloe based and contain no harsh solvents or VOC's to aid in skin penetration. Even our over spray eliminators cannot remove VOC's as they turn to gas when atomized. We use only the finest ingredients and our solutions contain the maximum concentration of DHA recommended by top cosmetic formulators to overcome their inclusion. All of our products are globally approved formulations which means that they include no ingredient deemed harmful by any other country including the US. We are happy to provide ingredient lists and proof of product liability insurance at your request. We suggest that you ask this of any supplier or manufacturer prior to using their products. If they refuse, you should look elsewhere for your products.  
Additionally, our clients that have purchased our systems and taken our training are using the products within FDA guidelines. They also have the proper ventilation equipment such as our "Eliminator" series units reducing the risk of inhalation exposure.

How Much Solution And Time Does It Really Take?
The truth is that the majority of airbrush tanning companies misrepresents the time it takes to do a full body tan and the amount of solution you will use per customer. For example one company advertises that with three gallons of solution you will be able to do over 300 full body tans. Let’s see there are 128 ounces per gallon multiplied by three equals 384 ounces. They advertise over 300 tans per gallon but for arguments sake let’s just use 300. 384 ounces divided by 300 customers equals 1.28 ounces per customer. This may be true if all your customers aren’t over three feet tall. This is highly unlikely unless you tan nothing but four-year-old pageant contestants for a living. In actuality if you do a good job you can expect to use an average of three ounces per customer; some more some less. You can expect to receive about 50 full body tans per gallon on average in the real world.  
The amount of time you spend with each customer is based on a number of factors and what school of thought you choose to employ. The fact is that there is no need to tan customers twice within three days, as most companies will advise. Using this school of thought you can tan an average customer in about 10 minutes and use about an ounce and a half of solution with less than perfect results. I have paid for many of my customers to visit different salons using different solutions utilizing this approach. They were instructed to observe everything from brand of equipment to brand of solution. This included bottle size, times refilled, techniques used, etc. With very few exceptions, none of them returned with a tan that would live up to my expectations of what would be considered a good job.  
Following up with each of them the next day there were the varied usual list of complaints. Upon returning for their required second visit, they voiced their dissatisfaction based on their individual results and as a result both time and materials increased on the second visit. At least most of the individual salons tried to address each complaint and see that it didn’t happen again. Many of the technicians simply stated, “That’s just how it is” or something to that effect. If you add this all up the technician spent more combined time on each customer and wound up using more solution than if it was done right the first time. Their tans didn't last any longer either. From the customer’s point of view, it wasted there time and gas to and from the salon twice and didn’t deliver that warm fuzzy they would have received if it were done right the first time. This approach is designed extract more money from the customer initially and not around customer satisfaction.  
At Liquid Sunshine Tan we charge the same fee for one visit and do it right the first time. It takes about 20 minutes to spray the average customer and about three ounces of solution while paying close attention to detail. We offer a free touch up the next day to any area that might have been missed. It is very rare that anyone comes in to be touched up. If and when we do need to touch someone up it is usually because they did not properly follow the aftercare instructions.  Additionally, many customers are getting an airbrush tan for a special occasion or vacation and a second visit within three days is not an option. If you don’t do it right the first time it is highly unlikely that you will ever see that customer again. However, you will probably receive a phone call indicating their dissatisfaction. This is usually followed up with badmouthing their experience to their friends resulting in not only the loss of their business but their friend's business as well. Ultimately we spend less time, effort, and use less
solution while employing this method and the result is a happy customer and a bunch of referrals. It doesn’t pay to be stingy with product and greedy with your customers.

Video vs. Hands on Airbrush Tanning Training  
Can you learn to airbrush effectively from a videotape?  Sure, you can learn some basic techniques. Again techniques are like opinions and everybody will inevitably develop their own style.
In virtually every application video available, the model is a beautiful young woman with a perfect body and gorgeous skin. Unfortunately, this will be the smallest percentage of your clientele. The truth is that you will be tanning less than perfect people the majority of the time. Almost every person will have a part of their body that requires special attention and special techniques must be employed to address these idiosyncrasies individually. Trial and error is the way most people wind up learning how to airbrush successfully. Unfortunately, you do not have enough friends and relatives to practice on in order to get it right. The result of this is that you will wind up alienating customers because you were not properly trained. This is not good for the industry and certainly not good for your business. Included with every Liquid Sunshine Tan System is a free two-day spray/airbrush tanning training and certification course at our corporate headquarters. You will learn not only all the techniques necessary to airbrush successfully, but also all other aspects of running a successful airbrush tanning business in an actual operating salon. Learning proper application procedures is only a small part of proper training. We will teach you the science behind how the products actually work as well as FDA and OSHA regulations with regard to proper application and exposure limits to atomized chemicals that may be present in your solution.  
In addition, we will teach you how to market your service and provide you with all the necessary marketing materials custom tailored to your business. You will not have to, nor should you reinvent the wheel so to speak when it has already been done for you and proven successful. You will be trained in everything from answering the phone correctly and explaining the service to dealing with the customers before, during, and after the process. In addition to revenue generated from the tanning itself, you will be taught how to market the aftercare line and maximize profits.  
Seeing is believing! At Liquid Sunshine Tan you will see how everything works during training. There is no videotape or manual that can put it all into perspective like actual hands on training.
If you prefer, I can come to you but I do charge for that service. I will help you set up your salon and equipment, perform the same training as I would at corporate and even tan your initial customers. Depending on where you are located, the fees for onsite training can vary. At the end of training either at Liquid Sunshine Tan or at your location, you and your employees will receive certificates specifying the completion of training and certification and designating you a “spray/airbrush tanning technician”.

Do I Need Airbrush Tanning Insurance?  
There is only one answer to this question. ABSOLUTELY Yes! In today’s world of frivolous lawsuits only the foolish would operate without insurance. There are too many scenarios that could result in a lawsuit devastating you financially especially if you are not protected by the veil of incorporation or limited liability.
The fact is that most spray/airbrush tanning businesses remain uninsured and unincorporated. One lawsuit can wipe out your business and if unincorporated or unprotected from a veil of limited liability, can wipe you out personally as well. Goodbye house, car, cash, or any other liquid asset that could be used to settle a successful suit. A scenario no one likes to think about yet it remains a distinct possibility and suffices to say a probability. You wouldn’t operate a vehicle without insurance; own a home without insurance, so why should your business be any different? 
Many salon owners are under the impression that if they add spray/airbrush tanning to their existing business it will be covered under their liability policy. Wrong! The only thing that would be covered is an accident such as slipping or falling on the premises before or possibly after the service. Anything that occurs during or as a result of the application is not covered. This is where specialty insurers come in. 
Does my Spray/Airbrush Tanning Insurance cover mobile operations?  The answer is yes and no. Most companies offer a rider at additional cost to cover mobile operations. Without this rider or independent contractor’s policy you carry no insurance with you off premises. The independent contractor’s policy covers one system and the technician operating it. Essentially the policy insures the system regardless of the operator. A separate policy is required for each system that will be used on a mobile basis. 
What could possibly happen during a spray/airbrush tanning session that someone can sue me for? The possibilities are as endless as your customers and their attorney’s imaginations. As we are all too aware, this can be a very broad list. For obvious reasons, I will refrain from listing the possibilities, as this site is accessible to the general public. I certainly do not want to put any ideas out on the table for all to see. For more information on insurance and how you can limit your risks please feel free to contact Liquid Sunshine or visit Insurtec, Inc. (tanning insurance) at 800-606-0621.  It is mandatory that every division hold an insurance policy that is current while working under the Liquid Sunshine Tan Brand. 

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